Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

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Hey guys, huh, a little bit nervous, I’m going to share my idea on inventing new iPad application using English language,. As you can see, I never write in English!

Here's my crazy idea!

Application Name: My Crazy Virtual Buddy

What it does: ha-ha, this is freaking crazy. I’m thinking of some sort of application that can be our virtual friend. Which we can talk to him, sharing funny story and help us when we are in blue mood. Your buddy can keep you secret and it will never tell anyone else. Ya, you have heard that kind of application, but I haven’t finished yet! Our virtual buddy can even teach us how to cook from start till end, and it even can teach our child how to spell his name and to sing ABC song. He can sing latest song by Lady Gaga and much more artist! Ha-ha, that’s crazy! And uuuh, wanna know the latest movie, and gossip, and story, ha! Our virtual buddy can tell us anything! I forget to mention that our buddy is in 3D look,. We can even customise it look by changing it cloth, face, hand, hair and everything!
That’s it! I hope that application exists. =) lalalala

And uh, last but not least, Maxis now has come out with iPad, check out iPad plan here !
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