Why i like It Longer

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Free phone to be win..
I'm just trying my Luck to post something related with the topic
which is "why I like it Longer".
Here the link,  i think you might going to try this..
As the present, they offer this unique phone..
Not big but longer..
Interesting right

Lets continue to our main Topic.

I think i would like to talk about the PHONE..
I know this contest when I Sign Up for my Nuffnang.
The first Nuffnang advertisement is about this LONGER phone.
After reading it, i proceed to my bad writing..
Hum, the phone is very interesting.
It is complete with a 5.0 Mega Pixel camera
and fully touch screen.
For surely, it will make my life colorful.
The video looks really real when you use this camera..
That's amazing..

The most part that i like is the Complete Web Display.
I can use the internet anywhere I like
and it was like i'm using computer..
And i can online why i'm in date or when i'm walking at KLCC.
Anywhere, everywhere Facebooking..

The 'Gesture Shortcut'.
I don't really know about this function.
But, as i know.
You can draw 'something' to open something.
For example, you can draw love to open Camera. (that's for example only)

And here.. More About the Phone...
Slim and Long.

The reason why I want this phone is :-

1- Because i don't have ANY phone.. Right now i'm borrowing my mom's phone.. The bad thing is, I can't make it as mine..
Then, if I have this LONG phone, my mom won't be angry at me anymore..

2- My birthday is on 13 February while the last date is on 14 February..
That's good. I want this as my birthday present.. My Papa won't give me phone or mp3 for my birthday.
Maybe he will give me something.. I'm hoping for this..

3- My Mom really don't want to use her money for this..then, she will say i'm just wasting her money ( that's true).. With this phone(again), my mom won't angry at me again..

This is my only opportunity to have my own personal and slim Phone..Owh dear, give me some opportunity..(nasty word)..

And lastly, come join this competition.
You won't regret..

Zul Hadri B Abd Aziz


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